A List of Some Amazing Details in Video Games of 2018

February 26, 2019
A List of Some Amazing Details in Video Games of 2018

With the advances of technology video games look better than ever. Not only that but they’re also more detailed than ever, and I’m not just talking about the graphics. I’m talking about the little details that make the game world more realistic and immersive.

So today I decided to list some of the amazing details in video games. I’ll be focusing on last years releases for this list so don’t expect stuff from GTA V for example. And with that out of the way let’s just jump right in.

God of War

Image source: God of War website

We’ve all played God of War by now and we all know how amazing the game is. It’s one of the greatest (if not the greatest) reimagining of a franchise to date. And it has some amazing attention to detail.

Midgard can get pretty windy as you might imagine. And if you take a closer look at Kratos while you stand around, you’ll notice that his beard and the fur on his armor (if there is any) will actually move in the wind.

The character models are insanely detailed from the hair and fur to the skin. However, there’s one thing you might have missed. That thing can only be seen while using Spartan Rage so it’s easy to overlook. While in Spartan Rage, Kratos’ muscles will tighten and his veins will pop out.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Image source: Insomniac Games website

There was some controversy around Marvel’s Spider-Man regarding graphical downgrades but all of that was put to rest when the game came out. Not only does it look amazing but it has some amazing attention to detail, and that’s the point of this list.

The first thing I want to mention is the suit. I wasn’t completely sold on the white spider, but I must say it grew on me. Now, you know how skin-tight suits usually look like they’re stuck to your character with glue? Well, not in this game. When you do a freefall dive, you’ll notice that Spidey’s suit will actually ripple and crease due to the wind.

Another cool detail that you’ve probably noticed is that there are two different dialogs. Peter will get a lot of phone calls during the game even when doing his Spider-duties. If you happen to be swinging through the city during a call, Peter will sound like he’s exerting himself and will talk a bit louder. And if you happen to be standing still or walking around, he’ll talk normally.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Image source: Ubisoft website

The world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is huge with a capital H and it's packed with details. For example, vultures and wolves will feed on the remains of dead animals and people. Also, dead bodies in the water will attract hungry sharks.

One of my favorite things in Odyssey though has to be Ikaros. I love, freaking love this bird. What’s really cool about Ikaros is that he’s always there. You can actually see him flying above you while you’re roaming around the world on foot. He’ll also follow your ship when you’re on the high seas.

Battlefield V

Image source: EA website

Yes, Battlefield V isn’t the best Battlefield game, but like the rest of these, it has great attention to detail. One example of this is kind of hard to notice while playing but it’s pretty cool. It’s the way soldiers fire the Enfield rifle.

If you look closely at a soldiers hand while holding the Enfield, you’ll notice that his middle finger is on the trigger instead of his pointer finger. That's because it was a real technique that was used by soldiers during the Second World War. The goal of this technique is to shoot and reload faster.

And that’s everything I’ve got for you guys for now. Now, I know I haven’t mentioned Red Dead Redemption 2 and that’s because there’s just so much to talk about. We would be here for a while so I plan to write a separate article just about Red Dead 2. And as always guys, for more stuff like this and pretty much anything gaming related stay tuned to your favorite pc, console and mobile games news site - GameBuz.