A Huge Vault Has Been Hiding Underneath Loot Lake in Fortnite

April 18, 2019
A Huge Vault Has Been Hiding Underneath Loot Lake in Fortnite

Loot Lake went through a lot in the previous seasons and now there’s a huge vault (or maybe a missile silo) in the spot where we bid farewell to Kevin a while ago.

Season 9 is getting closer and closer which means it time for Epic to start teasing us for the upcoming event. The latest update made quite a number of changes to the map, the biggest one obviously being the huge vault under Loot Lake.

It’s still unclear what purpose it serves, but players are reporting hearing noises coming from it. Noises coming from a huge metal vault are usually a bad omen, but we can expect to find out what it’s all about in the following weeks.

Hopefully, it’s nothing too drastic since the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers are underway and a huge change might get pro players angry again.

Besides the black helicopters finding what they were looking for, there are a few smaller, but still interesting, changes made to the map. Two houses in Pleasant Park have received basements, one of which hides more than meets the eye. Snobby Shores continues to have troubles with the Vikings. The Durrr Burger in Retail Row is no longer under construction and the house closest now has an underground bunker which you can access by breaking the floor under the car in the garage.