A Detailed Guide to the Many Editions of Borderlands 3

April 5, 2019
A Detailed Guide to the Many Editions of Borderlands 3

Very slowly we’re starting to learn more details about Borderlands 3, we know it will release in September and who the protagonists and antagonists are, and we know what the Season Pass will bring. Now we know what each edition contains and what the pre-order bonuses are.


If you pre-order you will receive a weapon trinket and gold skins for all of the guns in the game (All gazillion of them). PlayStation 4 players will also receive a theme for their console if they pre-order from the PS Store and UK players get something even better. UK players that pre-order at Game will receive a free Psycho Mask, but only while supplies last.

Standard edition ($60) borderlands_3

Obviously, as suggested by the name, you receive the game and any pre-order bonuses.

Deluxe edition ($80)borderlands_3_deluxe_edition

Besides the game and pre-order bonuses, you get a few cosmetics, items and boosters.

The three cosmetic packs are Retro (Vault Hunter head, Echo Device, and weapon skin), Neon (Vault Hunter head and Echo Device skin, weapon trinket) and Gearbox (weapon skin and weapon trinket).

The weapon pack comes in the form of the Toy Box Weapon Pack, it includes two Toy guns, a Toy grenade mod, and weapon trinket.

Finally, the boosters are for XP and Loot drops.

Super Deluxe edition ($100) borderlands_3_super_deluxe_edition

The Super Deluxe edition will start at $100, but from September 17 it will increase to $120. It comes with everything found in the Deluxe edition with an added Season Pass, grenade mod, weapon trinket, and Butt Stallion weapon skin, all of that packaged nicely in a steelbook case.

Diamond Loot Chest Collector's Edition ($250)borderlands_3_collectors_edition

Last but definitely not least, we have the collector’s edition. It comes with everything from the Super Deluxe edition and so much more.


• A Diamond Loot Chest replica which has a functional retractable lid for all your storage needs.
• Ten character figurines featuring the new Vault Hunters, the Calypso Twins and previous characters from the universe.
• Sanctuary 3 snap model to proudly display on the included stand.
• Four Vault Key keychains.
• A cloth galaxy map of the Borderlands.
• Five character prints of the new Vault Hunters and Calypso Twins.