A 2018 Summary: Top Selling Mobile Games

December 26, 2018
A 2018 Summary: Top Selling Mobile Games

As we slowly enter 2019, we at GameBuz have decided to make a summary of 2018 and what the year behind us has brought. Since we are a mobile game news site and we love to play mobile games on our phones, we figured that it would be the best place to start. 2018 was very rich when it comes to mobile gaming news and we have seen a lot of new mobile games that made a name for themselves.

Today we are going to present you a list of the top-selling mobile games in 2018. Sadly, there still isn’t any exact data on the volume of sales, but we know which games are the most popular ones. As a mobile game industry news portal, we will release the numbers as soon as they are known.

So let’s start.


Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey was first released on iOS but during 2018, the developers also released an Android version, which is completely free. As soon as the game was released on the Google Store, it exploded, surpassing its previous part “Alto’s Adventure” in every possible way.

I must admit, I played this game a lot because of its amazing design, exciting levels, and the whole atmosphere in it. The game is really beautiful and if you liked the previous part, you definitely should try it, if you haven’t already. Apart from old players returning to the game, it was able to attract many new players during the year and it is one of the must have android games.



Image source: Hearthstone website

The mobile game industry is known for being prone to making clones of games that had success on different platforms. 2018 has shown that this trend isn’t going to stop. Blizzard’s Hearthstone is a card game based on another card game called “Magic The Gathering”. Ever since the game was released on PC it has been attracted a lot of players each year.

In 2018, Blizzard released this piece of the Warcraft universe on mobile devices as well. Hearthstone has made a lot of money, as there are many in-game purchases and it is one of the most profitable card-based video games ever, especially if we are talking about the best mobile games.


PUBG Mobile

Image source: PUBG mobile - official website

The mobile gaming news world is still talking about PUBG Mobile and this just shows how big Battle Royale games are right now, even on mobile. As PUBG is one of the most successful PC games of all times, the developers decided to release an official mobile version and this is where PUBG Mobile comes into play.

This is also proof that the mobile gaming market is alive and well, and that even big PC names such as PUBG cannot neglect it. The biggest rival of PUBG, Fortnite already has an iOS version but rumors are that they are soon going to release an Android version as well.


Fortnite iOS

Since we mentioned PUBG Mobile, it is only fair to mention its greatest rival as well. Fortnite is also a Battle Royale game that is constantly battling with PUBG for this market. At the moment, the clash of these titans has extended to other markets as well. Fortnite iOS was the first move by Epic Games and they found a lot of players in the Apple Store.

This is why we think that PUBG also decided to develop an Android version of their game and beat Fortnite on the other largest mobile platform. Fortnite on iOS is so popular that it was ranked second, just behind Pokémon GO in terms of revenue.


South Park: Phone Destroyer

South Park is a name we all know, but our favorite cartoon has extended to other mediums and South Park: Phone Destroyer is a mobile South Park game many of us have been waiting for. Don’t worry about the “not for kids” content, after all, we are talking about games and fantasy.

This is a great PvP game where you can challenge friends and bash them with your favorite South Park characters. What more could you ask? This game guarantees a lot of fun and laughter, but that’s no surprise as it South Park, after all, and this game has really captured the spirit of the show.