7 Reasons Why Fighting Games are the Greatest Genre

June 15, 2019
7 Reasons Why Fighting Games are the Greatest Genre

My first fighting game was Killer Instinct on the SNES in 1995…. at that moment I was totally blown away. I've been playing video games for a few decades now, and I've finally come to the conclusion that fighting games are simply the best. They are amazing for so many reasons, but here's 7 of the most important ones to consider:

7. Easy to understand

Fighting games are so simple. Of course, they are more complicated in how we practice them and analyze them, but the point of them is so easy to understand: Beat up your opponent. I think simplicity is the key to having fun. Too many rules, instructions, and explanations can ruin the fun.

6. Matches are Brief

The matches are usually pretty brief. They usually don't last any more than 5 minutes. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. But the point is, it doesn't have to drain all of your life away to enjoy a classic game. This way, you can casually enjoy what makes a fighting game beautiful and not feel forced to play it for hours on end…of course unless you want to REALLY improve. Otherwise, you're able to enjoy these incredible games and move on with life if you so choose.

5. Personality Archetypes


Because most fighting games have a character select screen and a various and diverse roster of characters (see Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, MK Armageddon, and TEKKEN Tag 2). Players can get to know themselves better by the type of characters they tend to choose; either in design or in character play-style. This can help us learn a lot about ourselves through the games. Like the ancient Greek philosophical saying goes: Know Thyself.

4. Strategic thinking

Of course, fighting games are perfect for those who have a love for strategic thinking. Having a strategy, and adapting yourself to a human opponent are some abilities that will help you in the match, but may also help you in real life.

3. Community building


Because the love for Fighting Games is very much maximized when you can enjoy them with other human players, the community is a cornerstone to a popular or timeless fighting game series. Many of those who were fans of Mortal Kombat during its debut in 1992 are more than likely fans of the series to this day. Google 'FGC' To find out more about the incredible Fighting Game Community.

Also, a sidetone: If you know me, this is a big reason why I love Arcades. They are essentially community centers where the focus is on gaming…what could be cooler than that?

2. High Replay Value  -  Depth of learning


Because Fighting Games are not really solely dependent on an incredible or lengthy storyline, they do indeed depend on functionality and ability to be balanced enough for competition. This makes the games probably most focused on gameplay and replay value. Because the games usually have a diverse roster, with much to learn about each and every character fight matchups, this means that the games have a lot you can learn about, and a lot to study. This fighting game content and execution can take years, or even decades to master. For fighting games, Its about the study, the pursuit of learning, not about completion.

1.Exposure to Culture


Fighting games, like classic Kung Fu movies, can be great exposure to other world cultures. Because fighting games depend on a diverse fighter roster, its good to have a cast that represents countries all over the world. Some from America, some from China, some from Japan, some from Brazil, some from Mexico, Saudi Arabia, you get the picture. If the game developers do the right thing and really try to represent the culture that the character is from properly, then you can really educate and bring people together through cultural representation.

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