5 Best (And Free) Mobile Games in 2018

January 2, 2019
5 Best (And Free) Mobile Games in 2018
Image source: Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast official website

2018 has been a very special year when it comes to free mobile phone games. There’s so much good mobile gaming news and lots of fun titles that will put a smile on the face of all mobile gaming fans.  If you love to play a mobile game every now and then, this ultimate guide to the best free mobile games in 2018 will be more than helpful. We have gathered the greatest and the latest titles so that every user can have only the top phone games at their disposal.

While there are tons of sites that list thousands of games, GameBuz is a mobile game news site that helps you find only the true gems. The most important thing here is that all these games are free, so you can look forward to the most entertaining experience without spending a dime. Without any further ado, here is our round-up of the must-have Android games in 2018.


1. Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage

Image source: Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage Facebook page

Known as an international phenomenon, Naruto is most certainly one of the best RPG mobile games on the planet. Anime lovers will argue about it being the best and the biggest anime in the world. Well, the legacy of Naruto continues with Boruto, who continues to battle ancient evils that threaten the world, just like his father.

This is a simplistic RPG and tech mobile game that introduces the player to a combat system with multiple abilities that vary from hero to hero. When you add the fact that there are hundreds of characters to choose from, all with super abilities, capable of unleashing visually spectacular attacks, the fans are in for quite a splendid experience.

Those who are well into Naruto's story will be especially pleased with the fact that the characters span several generations. So, warm up your fingers because your neverending adventure has just begun.


2. South Park: Phone Destroyer

South Park launched their 22nd season so it's only natural that Ubisoft made an effort to come up with a new and amazing phone game with a great name: Phone Destroyer. We can already tell this is going to be your new favorite mobile game.

Crude humor and an addictive collectible card experience! You'll have fun playing this phone game just like you had so much fun while watching this infamous cartoon. Surprisingly fun but challenging at the same time, South Park: Phone Destroyer easily offers enjoyable gaming sessions that you can play on the go.


3. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

After so much anticipation, the legendary Nintendo's Animal Crossing is back, finally available for smartphones. Pocket Camp is quite an accessible and pretty cute idle experience that will be a nice introduction to the Animal Crossing series for all those who never played this game before. You'll be running your own campsite in the most unique Pocket Camp style.

To make valuable exchanges for the necessary goodies, you can invite your friends over and complete various favors for them. Plenty of features and nice graphics make this a neat mobile game to have on your device when you want to have some fun. On top of all this, it's absolutely free of charge.


4. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

According to Final Fantasy fans, Brave Exvius is considered to be one of the best freemium mobile titles from the franchise. While players can assemble a varied party of courageous and clever characters, there are also all those important elements from the classic series.

Simplicity is in the core of the gameplay at first, but as a player progresses, the need for developing a keen sense of strategy becomes more apparent. Players can conquer dungeons, explore towns, assemble parties and alter equipment while choosing from a number of different classes.

Brave Exvius will give each player a true and unique sense of adventure while still remaining true to the series' roots. If you like epic adventure phone games, this is definitely a good choice.


5. Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

Now, here's a real treat. This is a game for those who are into heavy metal and the best RPG mobile games. The Legacy of the Beast combines the two while adding a relevant and entirely new amount of depth to the decades-long Iron Maiden history. It's a very unique and quite recognizable mobile game that will offer plenty of charms to every dedicated Iron Maiden fan.

The attacks, environments, and characters are all positively littered with obscure and clever references to the biggest icons in the metal world. It's not as challenging as it's fun but it'll be a nice addition to your favorite mobile entertainment.


GameBuz will continue to be your trustworthy source of mobile gaming news so stay tuned as more hot gaming news are coming your way.