10 Mobile Games We Haven’t Played in Way Too Long

February 7, 2019
10 Mobile Games We Haven’t Played in Way Too Long

Every so often you remember a game you’ve sunk way too much time in and you just have to download it again. So obviously we took the time today to remember some of our favorite mobile games that you might have forgotten about. Ranked in no particular order, here are the 10 games that will cause the rest of the day at the office to be extremely unproductive.


10. Cover Orange

Image source: Play store

First coming to iPhone and later joining Android, Cover Orange is a physics-based puzzle game. Your mission is to keep the early 2000’s emoji looking oranges safe from the rain any way you can. Cover them, hide them, glitch them into terrain, whatever, just make sure they stay safe. How else are you supposed to get that vitamin C?

It starts off simple enough but quickly the levels get more challenging. Nothing is as stressful as just barely managing to cover all of them and watching a single drop of rain slowly crawl its way through that one tiny hole you missed and knowing you’re going to have to restart. Although nothing is as satisfying as dropping objects in no particular order and passing the level by sheer luck.


9. Dumb ways to die

Image source: Dumb Ways To Die official Facebook page

A game about saving adorable dimwits that are trying their hardest to earn a Darwin award. Impatient drivers, less than competent pilots and piranha loving beachgoers are just some of the characters you’ll be saving in the many mini-games this mobile game offers. The mini-games are short and will push your reflexes to the limit, yet feel very rewarding. As you pass more games and save the characters, they start showing up at the station as a reminder of your heroic deeds.

Definitely one of the better safety promos out there, hats off to Melbourne Metro on this one. Obviously, we can’t talk about the game without the amazingly catchy song.


8. Cut the Rope

Image source: Cut the Rope official Facebook page

Om Nom is the cutest character in mobile games and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. Cut the Rope is a logic-based puzzle game where the focus is on getting the candy to Om Nom, the little green monster. With more than 400 levels and great design, you end up constantly repeating “Just one more level”. Cut the rope is a game for all ages that you can always return to, there’s really no need to say more than that.

It even has a lovely animated show on YouTube you could check out.


7. Angry Birds Classic


You knew this is going to be on the list, it was just a matter of time. With so many versions of it, it’s nice to go back to the original and play through those first levels that started the craze. There isn’t a person under the Sun that doesn’t know what Angry Birds is, but in case that you somehow don’t know about it, let’s take a quick look at what’s going on. The pigs have stolen the eggs and you have to help the angry birds in retrieving them. You fling the birds from a slingshot at the pigs to clear levels and each bird has its unique power to help. That’s it, a simple concept and many hours of fun.


6. Subway Surfers

Image source: Kiloo Games official Facebook page

Since we’re already on the topic of obvious picks, we have Subway surfers up next. Swipe the screen to avoid obstacles and collect coins, it’s not rocket science. Again a simple concept that brought many hours of fun. Compete with your friends for the high score and unlock new characters. There was no worse feeling than passing your friends scores one by one only to see that number 1 is a multi-million score and your hands getting shaky from the pressure as you near it. There isn’t much I can say about it, it’s fun and addicting.


5. Jetpack Joyride


Definitely my favorite on the list, it’s the misadventures of Barry Steakfries. How can you not like a game where you have a minigun jetpack? Steal a jetpack from a top-secret lab and take it for a spin. In Jetpack Joyride you have a huge arsenal of different and quirky jetpacks and vehicles at your disposal to get as far as you can in the secret lab while avoiding the many traps in it.

A huge amount of customization, unlocks, power-ups and skins, simple one-touch controls and achievements, everything is well implemented and is still regularly updated. So what are you waiting for? Go on a joyride.


4. Geometry Dash

Image source: Play Store

Remember the Impossible game? Well, it’s that on steroids. I’ve spent way too much time and nerves on this game. It’s fast-paced, the music keeps you going and you have to be at the top of your game the entire time. Geometry Dash is a painfully simple game, just tap the screen to avoid the dangers and finish the level. This becomes nigh impossible as the game speeds up and the traps start piling up. So, if you want to test your hand-eye coordination and reflexes, give it a go.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any broken phones.


3. Super Hexagon

Image source: Play Store

Adding on to the previous entry, we have Super hexagon. You control a small triangle in the center of the screen by rotating it around a hexagon and trying to avoid the shapes collapsing towards you. The game gets faster, the openings smaller and obstacles get more difficult, all this while the music makes the screen dance to the beat. You have to be quick and precise with your movements if you have any hope of a match lasting longer than 30 seconds. Definitely a game that will put you to the test.

Actual disclaimer this time, if you have epilepsy you should avoid this game because it’s extremely flashy and could induce a seizure.


2. Monument Valley

Now something a little bit different. Monument Valley puts you in control of Princess Ida on her journey for forgiveness. The path takes you through levels of sacred geometry as referred to by the game. The levels consist of impossible objects and optical illusions that you need to manipulate to get to the next level. It’s a beautiful story driven game with a simple 3D design and engaging music. If you haven’t played it, play it now. If you played it, play it again.


1. Plague Inc.


Last but not least, we have the pathogen spreading simulator. You’d think that watching a disease spread is anything but fun. Wrong. Creating your perfect disease and watching it slowly infect the entire world is a great way of exercising your dreams of world domination and it will fill you with a slightly psychotic feeling of joy. Pick your pathogen, evolve it, shape it and watch the world burn. Obviously while praying that Madagascar doesn’t close its ports again.