10 Curious Facts About Android Games That Every Developer Should Know

May 20, 2019
10 Curious Facts About Android Games That Every Developer Should Know

Carlos Andrés Matos, spokesman for Playwith, did an analysis on games for Android launched in 2019, the results are interesting and the following ten facts could mean a lot to small developers.

1. The games for Android are the most downloaded, but the least invested in. IOS users usually invest four times more into a game than an Android user.

2. Advertising is more seen in games for Android. Latin American users get to see an approximate of 10 daily ads while iOS users, especially in the United States and Europe, prefer to pay to omit the ads.

3. Game companies usually publish their titles on Android, and if they do well, on iOS.

4. The Hyper-Casual genre is the most downloaded genre in Latin America on Android.

5. Of all the games released on Google Play, only 5% succeed.

6. The CPI will always be cheaper in Android than in iOS around the world.

7. There are about 2,600,000 games and apps in the Google Play Store, of which 41% are the games that are being downloaded.

8. India is the country that has the most downloads on Google Play so far this year.

9. Color Bump 3D was the most downloaded game on Android - and iOS - in the first quarter of 2019.

10. Brazil and Mexico are the Latin countries that are in the Top 10 worldwide of the countries that more downloads of Android games had in 2019.

Some of these facts might come as a surprise, but first time developers are sure to have use from them. What are your thoughts on mobile game development?